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Cozy Canines: What to Put in a Dog Crate to Make It More Comfortable

Crate training a dog is a great way to prevent it from ransacking your home when you’re not around to keep an eye on it. Dogs will also start to look at their crate as a safe and secure place for them to go when they need time to themselves. But before you start placing your […]

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The Canine Film Festival: The 9 Most Famous Movie Dogs

Most famous dogs of the silver screen: The famous dogs of today like Doug the Pug and Marnie the Dog used social media to climb the social doggie ladder of success. However, some of the most famous dogs made it the old fashioned way: the silver screen. Many dogs in classic and beloved films feel […]

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Top 10 Things You Need to Do When You Get a New Dog

Around 1.6 million dogs are adopted from American shelters every year.  While adopting a dog or bringing a new puppy into your home is a wonderful experience, there are also lots of considerations to make.  A dog is a huge commitment. As such, it’s important that the whole family is on board and you’re clear […]

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5 Budget Pet Care Tips To Keep Your Furry Friend Happy & Healthy

Most people these days see their pets as important members of the family. Over half of pet owners even buy their pets birthday presents each year.  From pet daycares to pet weddings, people are finding lots of ways to lavish their pets with affection and attention. However, luxury pet goods come with a luxury price tag. […]

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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Young Children

Who doesn’t love dogs? They’ve been man’s best friends for thousands of years, possibly tens of thousands, and that shows no signs of stopping. Being close to dogs for so long has led to some remarkable changes in them. For instance, we now have several different breeds that look almost nothing like the wolves they […]

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How to Make a Dog Happy: Your Guide to Giving Fido the Best Life Ever

If your dog could speak, what would he say?  Well over 43 million households have dogs and if you’re one of them then you know that dogs need a lot of attention and love.  It’s hard to know if your pup is happy or not since our furry friends can’t speak. We might love sleeping with our […]