1800petmeds Coupons – 2017

1-800-pet-meds dog logoWhy buy medication for your dog or cat from a veterinarian when it’s about half the price at 1800PetMeds.com? They can boast serving over 9 million satisfied customers, and are a licensed pharmacy with a an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 100% money back guarantee that you’re satisfied. The best part may be that you can save an extra 20% plus free shipping when you use a coupon or offer code!

1.1800PetMeds: 20% Off - No minimum
Plus free shipping on $49+
2.1800PetMeds: $5 Off - Buy more, save more
Free shipping on $49. Get code:
3.1800PetMeds: 15% Offnew - No minimum
Free shipping on $49+. Get code:
4.2-4 On-Site Couponsnew + Free Shipping on $49+
Usually a $5 off coupon, 15% off, more. View:
5.Flea & Tick: 20% Offnew + Free Shipping on $49+
Revolution, Nexgard, K9 Advantix, Frontline, etc. Get code:
6.Heartworm: 20% Off - Free shipping on $49+
Heartgard, Revolution, Sentinel, generic, etc.
7.Arthritis & Pain: 20% Off + Free shipping on $49+
Novox, Rimadyl, Deramaxx, etc.
8.Antibiotics: 20% Off + Free shipping on $49+
Clavamox, Baytril, Zeniquin, Metronidazole, etc.
9.1800-PetMeds: 20% Off - No minimum
Good discount for orders under $25. Get code:

2 Kinds of Coupons: Discounts or Offer Codes

There are two ways to get a discount at 1800petmeds.com: coupons in promotional links, or offer codes

  1. Discounts: A number of advertisements for 1800petmeds promote discounts and sale pricing for specific pet medications or groups of pet meds. Just by clicking on these links, you’ll apply the discount, and the sale items may be excluded from further discounts from offer codes
  2. Offer codes are the preferred method of getting a discount. In fact, 1-800-petmeds usually has a featured code on their site for about 15% off, that they will advertise on product pages and at checkout. Before you use that one, check to see if we have something better!

Using a Promo Code

So, like most people you have a code to use? I hope its better than the on-site coupon code at 1800petmeds.com! Anyway, here’s where to enter a promo code:

enter 1800petmds coupon

Just enter your coupon where you see the, “offer code” field, and click “apply.”

Your new order total should reflect the coupon, and the retail price should be crossed out as shown above.

Free Shipping Tip: Note that you’ll also get a message telling you whether you qualify for free delivery, or if you’ve come up short. 1800petmeds doesn’t usually offer any free shipping no minimum codes, so you’ll have to spend $49+.

In this case I’m about $4 short, so I’ll add a dog toy to make sure I get free shipping.

If you’re close, I recommend adding an item to avoid the $5 shipping cost! You can also increase the quantity of your pet medication to pass the $49 minimum.

1800PetMeds: What’s the Best Coupon? Try the 20% off code w/ Free Shipping on $49!

Currently there is a code for 20% off that works with most sale and regular priced products. To get the best possible price, use this code together with their discount pricing when you buy any pet medication in bulk.

For example, I just completed an order for Frontline Plus for my dog, and chose to buy the 12-pack, as the per unit cost dropped another 5% or so. Because I spent over $49, I then also qualified for free shipping.

So, with that order I combined discount pricing with a coupon code and got free shipping!

The result was that I got my flea and tick medication for half the price it would have cost me in-store or at my veterinarian. That’s really significant, as in this case the 20% off code saved me an extra $25!

Same thing goes for the Seresto flea collar I got last week. After using a promo code it dropped my order to less than the free shipping minimum, so I just bought 2 instead.

One more tip: Consider having at least 2 codes to compare at checkout. Today there is both a $10 off code, and a 20% off coupon, so try both codes at checkout if you aren’t sure which one will yield a better discount.

More Discounts: Consider the Generic Equivalent and Larger Quantities

If you’re looking for other ways to save big on pet medications, consider these two options at checkout:

1800petmeds compare coupons

Consider these other ways to save big!

  1. Generic equivalent: Just like at the pharmacy you may have the option to substitute your name-brand pet meds with a cheaper, generic equivalent.
  2. Larger Quantities: I’m currently looking at the flea and tick meds in my cart, and if I get change the supply to “12,” I save an extra $15! (see above) I also then qualify for free shipping, so it’s a double-discount!

Thanks for checking in with CelebrityDogWatcher! Be sure to see our coupons for top pet meds like Seresto, Advantage II, K9 Advantix, Blue Buffalo, Frontline Plus, and more! Feel free to drop us a line about 1-800-Pet-Meds below; just don’t ask us what their phone number is!


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