20 thoughts on “Pete Wentz & Hemingway

  1. Arielle

    hey my name is arielle

    im absolutely in love with pete and know pretty much every minor detail about him

    i was just wondering if possible … have you ever spoken to pete wentz in person?

    and if so would you be able to maybe oraganise an interview with him and then call me and let me speak to him?

    i have been asking every major radio station in melbourne but im just trying to double my chances by asking you aswell … please i would DIE for him 🙁
    i know every minor detail about him and im not just another teenage pete fan .. cos his hot or anything 🙂 even though he is super sexi

    i love him for who he really is … and the way he writes and would rather be at home reading or writing then be out partying and getting himself into trouble .. i also know he doesnt feel worthy of the attention he gets from his fans but i really would love to tell him myself how much he has actually changed my life 🙂

    please consider it PLEASE
    i need him 🙁

    * cries *

    arielle bryans

  2. tori .m.

    hi! im tori and i know there is a whole lot of girls and even guys that love pete. im one of those people. i love pete. his voice is the best thing you could ever here. he is the sexiest person i’ve ever seen.. even my ex liked him.. that was scary. i would do any thing to meet him… if i was on make a wish i would ask to spend a day or two with pete..
    love ya ~pete~
    tori .m.

  3. SAmantha

    i love pete!i’m a 10 year old girl and i’m in love with pete!!!his dog is cute too.I LOVE PETE!!!

  4. i loven pete he is so hot

    if you want to talk to me click on my name make your own girl and click my mail click the the find button type in froghouse it will tell you if im on or not if i am click my name click add to friewnds send me mail we can talk about pete or stuff

  5. Kassie

    Pete I no you are reading this i am siked of a real cutie like you reading suck an emmbarrising letter like this one but since I LOVE YOU!!!!I trust you!!!!!wen i was 7 i jump of a boat in a lake without thinking so i dived in like 18 feet of water!!!!!!but i was alive (thank god or i would not enjoy writing this!!!!=)Well i better let you go so I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!and talk to you later!luv u bye (i even call you my husband cuz i have a diamond ring!!!So i say i think you understand if I kis my baby cuzin Braden (6 months) bnut i call you my husband!!!!!!luv u!!!!!)

    Kassie Long!

  6. some person

    come on people
    get a life… what are you all like 10 ?
    time to face the fact that… PETE is MINE 😀 … nah i’m joking… pissed you off much ? haha !!
    get over it people.
    right so to put it simply..
    he’s 28
    all you are like … 10 ? 😛
    your never gna have a chance with him … with an age difference like that..
    keep dreaming
    your all just some girl who pete doesn’t even know exists…
    crushed your dreams much? face reality people
    hate me much? i don’t care a lot of people don’t hate me 😀

  7. omgomglmao

    omg that last comment from some person was sooo funny. but it is all tru. i mean i like pete but im not all omg i would like ttly die for him o kayy thats kinda scary no offence. anyway yea so he is a good guitar player and he’s cute but im not gunna get all obsessed and scream at the very thought of him. lmao nice one some person kayyyy bii

  8. Miss_Fall-Out-Boy

    PETE WENTZ is so sexy if you like pete alot go to
    http://www.buzznet.com and sign up and search for missfalloutboy and be my friend and join my groups but you dont have to but you have to send me a message and tel me where you found me and then after that add me as your friend

    thnks fr th mmrs ROCKS

    from Miss_Fall-Out-Boy

  9. Fall Out Boy obsesive

    Hemingway is soooooo adorable, pete is very lucky, i would really love to meet him and the rest of the band!

  10. Fall Out Boy obsesive

    I knew it! Hemingway is an english bulldog…and he is soooo cute! What was that woman on when she said that about Hemingway? He’s harmless, and hasn’t been to the toilet in the house 🙂

  11. miranda[ock]

    Most of you little teenies are only ten.
    PETE IS 28!!
    yeah, like you have a chance!
    seriously, go crush on one of the Jonas Brothers.
    hate to break your teenie hearts, but its true.

    AND Pete ISNT the ONLY member in Fall Out Boy! REMEMBER THAT!

  12. taybay

    i have a clandestine shirt with hemmingway on it….

    and alot of ppl above me are ttly rite…
    pete is hott..
    but u only like him because youve heard his name…
    if fob was as unknown as they were when i started listening 2 them…u would say “pete who?”

    and none of u 10 year olds have any clue what individuality is.
    u prolly walk around school in mini skirts and pink blastin out the high school musical bullshit, just like everyone else…

    im sick of fucking posers saying that pete is the sex…
    us individuals came up with that phrase, so dont say it unless you mean it…

    and i know none of you would ever have sex with pete…
    1.because he was out of school b4 u were born
    2.because you are all disney kids with morals and shit

    so yea..
    thank u & have a nice day

  13. Fall out girl

    Hemingway is soooooooooooooooooooo cute,just like PETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love him soooooooo much……..I would give my life for him….honestlu

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