Justin Timberlake’s Dogs are Good Kissers

Justin Timberlake with Buckley and Brennen

Justin Timberlake with Buckley and Brennen

Super-star Justin Timberlake says he doesn’t need to get married because his two dogs keep him company.

“Men are monkeys, man. As for marriage and so on, I have my two dogs for kids so you should ask them how I’m doing!” Timberlake told GQ Magazine. “Never say never, but why ruin a good thing?”

Timberlake, 25, has two boxers, Buckley and Brennen, and has been dating actress Cameron Diaz, 32, for three years.

At the album release party last week for his second disc FutureSex/LoveSounds, last week, Timberlake claimed his best ever kiss was with his dog Buckley.

“Best kiss I ever had? That’s an easy one. The best kiss I ever got was from my little guy. His name is Buckley, he’s a boxer and he’s hilarious. When he kisses you it’s like a shower over your face.”

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One thought on “Justin Timberlake’s Dogs are Good Kissers

  1. Meg+Someone else

    Guys who like animals are just so much cuter, and since JT is just so hot his dogs are really not important! Even though it is sweet that he likes them so much (maybe). What up with the names yo? They are really sorta brittish or overly regal sounding (maybe) when i heard that he (JT) had dogs (i was also shocked the plural) i thought that they would be names something “street”


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