The Lint Roller Party 2006

There was glitz, glamour and pet hair as celebrities and animal lovers united at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, CA on September 14th, 2006. The event was for the Lint Roller Party, Best Friends Animal Society’s annual fundraiser, benefiting homeless animals in Los Angeles. Look and see who attended…

Soon to be divorced from Hilary Swank, Chad Lowe and a rescued pup, Spunky, in need of adoption:
Chad Lowe and Spunky

Eric Roberts and his wife Eliza – if you haven’t seen the movie, “The Pope of Greenwich Village” starring Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke, GET IT! My favorite Eric Roberts movie ever!
Eric and Eliza Roberts

Model Phoebe Price with her dog Henry:
Phoebe Price and Henry

Brandon Williams and fianceeAmy Smart with their dog Oscar:
Amy Smart, Brandon Williams and Oscar

Parents-to-be Annabeth Gish (best known for “X-Files” but best known to me from the movie “Hiding Out” with Jon Cryer) and David Chokachi with their dog, Cami:
Annabeth Gish, David Chokachi and Cami

Sisters and actresses, Ashley Peldon and Courtney Peldon with Courtney’s chocolate toy poodle, Godiva:
(thanks Ashley for the email and the info about Godiva and the upcoming projects for you and Courtney)
Ashley and Courtney Peldon

Carl Lewis and Spunky:
Carl Lewis and Spunky

Corey Feldman showed up with his wife Susie Sprague but is shown with one of the dog’s for adoption, Doogie:
Corey Feldman

Heidi Hamilton from the “Frosty, Heidi and Frank Show” on 97.1 FM showed up with her dog, Joey. I used to listen to this show when I lived in CA! “Hi Heidi!”
Heidi Hamilton and Joey

Shane Barbi and Sia Barbi, aka The Barbi Twins with a ten-year old dog they’re fostering, Butch who is part blind:
(Thanks Shane and Sia for the email about Butch, I hope you find a home for him – more info about their love of animals and how they help can be found at The Kitty Liberation Front.
The Barbi Twins with Shia


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