Barbra Streisand Opens with Samantha

Barbra Streisand & Samantha

October 4th, was opening night for Barbra Streisand‘s concert tour and the folks who shelled out the dough to see her in Philly were not disappointed according the the reviews I read.

Reader Lily sent me this photo of Babs on stage with her dog Samantha. I think it’s adorable!

[Thanks Lily for the photo and thanks to Craig at BarbraNews for the info about Barbra’s dog]


3 thoughts on “Barbra Streisand Opens with Samantha

  1. Gina M.

    I LOVE BARBRA STREISAND! I can’t believe I cannot attend one of her concerts, she is amazing! Her dog now looks like a dog she had before for years, I think her name was Sadie or Sophie.

  2. Sally Loomis

    Barbra’s dog Samantha is a Coton de Tulear. The breed is
    from Madagascar originally. Coton is French for cotton (they have cottony “hair” rather than fur). Tulear is the main seaport of the island of Madagascar. They are non-allergenic, and are
    extremely intelligent.

  3. cari baker

    i really dont care about barbra. how ever i’ve resurched a dog. my next dog will be my last. I’m in love with the coton de tulaer. I’ve been lucky enought to get one from a friend that breeds them. only because the ecoypy took a dump. I love this dog and will give it the best home. I m stuck with he needs to be fixed. he has been lifting his little leg on every thng. I work very hard at three jobs to make ends meet. it’s my morgage thats most important. if any one can help with princtons man surgery that would be great.because I’m a hair dresser i’v been able to do his grooming by my self. i’v never asked for eny thing. probly i cant spell. I t makes me look stupid. but i can work harder bhen any one i know. thanx for reading. cari baker or 503 260 5026

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