Meet Onion: Celebrity Dog from London

Tom Hardy and Onion

I love new discoveries and being in the know about EVERYTHING so imagine how thrilled I was when I received an email from a very nice lady named Sarah telling me about her celebrity dog, Onion. That’s right, SHE’s not the celebrity, Onion is. Read on to learn all about Onion and the new movie she’s in starring Ewan McGregor!

-Onion is a miniature Bull Terrier

-Onion is two years old

-Onion *loves* the spotlight and she really had no choice as her brother and sister were stars of the show ring. This is destiny!

-At 18 months Onion was picked for a canine part in a British comedy Scenes of a Sexual Nature. It stars the cream of British talent (Ewan McGregor, Sophie Okonedo, Catherine Tate, Dame Eileen Atkins, Hugh Bonneville and Onion! Onion plays alongside Tom Hardy (best known here in the States as the nemesis in Star Trek: Nemesis).

-She has her own website at

-Onion is the first dog at to have her name in bold

-She has her own blog too, a girl after my own heart…

Read more about Scenes of a Sexual Nature opening November 2006 and stay tuned for info and hopefully pics of the movie premiere that Onion was invited to attend this coming Sunday.

[Thanks Sarah for the email!]


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