The New York Dog: Kristin Chenoweth & Maddie

If you haven’t picked up the current issue of The New York Dog, you’re missing out on a whole lotts doggie info and great pics, starting with the cover story of Kristin Chenoweth and her Maltese, Maddie!

Some info about Kristin and Maddie:

-Kristin sneaks Maddie backstage, on set and in her favorite restaurants

-Kristin was doing her Broadway show Wicked and made her best friend travel to Staten Island to a Maltese breeder

-Really wanted a Maltese because they’re hypoallergenic

-Named Maddie after her idol, Madeline Kahn

-Kristin grew up with dogs

-Kristin says the best thing about having a dog is, “The absolute and unconditional love they bring into your life. I love it when I come home and she’s there. That makes me so happy. It’s scary how much I love her.”

Read more about Kristin and her involvement with Broadway Barks, what Kristin has learned from Maddie and how Maddie feels about Kristin’s singing by picking up the current issue of The New York Dog.