Sandra Bullock Adopts Two-Legged Dog


We love Sandra Bullock as an actress and love that she’s crazy about dogs.

The actress and her Monster Garage host hubby Jesse James were already the proud owners of a three-legged pooch, Poppy, a Chihuahua-Pomeranian crossbreed they adopted from a shelter in Long Beach last September.

Apparently, they’ve gotten so much love from the dog that when the woman from whom they had adopted the dog called to tell them there was a two-legged dog who needed a home, they immediately went to pick her up.

“We just got her a couple of months ago” Bullock says. “We now have a dog with just two legs, she walks on her hind legs. She was born with like a little flipper here and a little flipper here… She’s like a little dinosaur, a Velociraptor,” she said.

Bullock also admits that their newest addition has certainly brightened up her life with her antics.

“She’s got the best posture. She goes up the stairs only we haven’t taught her how to go down yet – that’s sort of like face plant central, and you don’t wanna laugh. She just gets so excited; she takes off,” she added.

We’re unsure of the name for the new dog they adopted. The picture above is of Sandra with Poppy.


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  1. Crystal

    I think it is totally awsome that she rescues animals. She has the resources that she is able to. Koodos and hats off to you, Sandra!!!!!!

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