Almost Bitten by Dog, Patti LaBelle Seeks Help from Dog Whisperer

Patti LaBelle

R&B superstar, Patti LaBelle, has called in Hollywood’s leading dog behavior expert to help her tame her wild pet, Nasir. The singer rescued the mutt four years ago when he was a puppy, but her love for the pooch turned to fear when the dog tried to attack her one day. LaBelle recalls, “I walked by one day and he really tried to get at me.”

The singer decided to call on TV’s Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, to help her tame Nasir for a new episode of his hit show on the National Geographic channel. On the show, which airs on February 2nd, Milan, who has helped many top stars control aggressive pets, says, “Nasir here is an insecure large-breed dog.”

Using his tried and tested techniques at his Dog Psychology Center, the dog expert managed to persuade his famous client to hand-feed her pet for the first time and then take him for a walk.

Update: Nasir is actually a South African boerboel, thanks to reader, Jen, for the factoid!



21 thoughts on “Almost Bitten by Dog, Patti LaBelle Seeks Help from Dog Whisperer

  1. L. Rice

    I stopped watching The Dog Whisperer when it became apparent that the owners (the REAL problem in 99% of the episodes) were never going to get the “chchch” and neck pokes that they deserved!

    Shame on Patti for adopting a dog but not making it a full part of her life & house!

    Just once I’d like to see a show on celebrities who do something really radical, like TRAINING their dogs…

  2. Cheryl miller

    Sadly Patti Labelle and Susan Rosetti had no business owning Nasir, Susan they claim was a dog trainer but she could not even handle her own dogs. Her boy friend was afraid of nasir, the house was to small and she had an agressive dog that Cesar had to keep correcting. I think Patti should have hired someone else, definitely not Susan to care for Nasir. I heard that Susan had to have Nasir put down because she could not handle him, is this true?

  3. Cheryl miller

    Kym Thankyou, I am a boerboel owner and this is why I felt so strongly about this. The breed definitely requires an experienced dog owner, somebody who is not can get hurt with a dog like Nasir.


  4. Cheryl miller

    Hi again,

    Kym I was wondering if Nasir’s hips were ever checked out? He was not walking right on the Dog Whisperer show but they never said anything about him having a problem.


  5. Cheryl miller

    Oh! before I forget way to go L. Rice, you are so right. I think the only reason Nasir lunged at Patti Labelle was because he did not know her as his owner. She had not gone near him in three years. They are a home defense dog and he was guarding his territory.


  6. Jen

    Hi Cheryl,
    Just to let you know, Nasir is alive and well. He currently lives with Susan and Bobby and the rest of their pack in Philly. My dogs and I often join them for walks through the city.

  7. Sujin

    I say thank goodness for Susan! Her cramped quarters was filled with genuine love for her dogs, it was far better than that cage he was confined to. You don’t have to have a sprawling mansion to raise a dog up right (as evident by the way he was housed at Patti’s estate) and I’m sure Susan is wise enough to take Nasir out for runs and exercise.
    Jen does Susan and Bobby have pictures they can share here? I’d love to see Nasir again, he was a favorite of mine from Cesar’s show.

  8. Jen

    Hi Sujin,
    I just spoke with Susan and she will be writing to Kym, the CDW publisher, with an update and some pics of Nasir. Hopefully, in the next day or two.

  9. Kylie

    My feelings when I watched the show was that Patti was overwhelmed, she took on a dog that needed a lot more than pats on the head and grooming and she didn’t know how to handle it and then she got scared. Which is why I think Cesar had her walk Nasir at the end, to relieve the fear.
    Susan, my goodness, how can anyone put her down? If i t wasn’t for her, who knows where Nasir would be today! I hope she updates everyone and puts to rest the rumors that he’s been put down. Where does this insane gossip come from?
    I’ll be checking the site often over the next few days in hopes there’s a new post about Nasir and Susan.

  10. Cheryl Miller

    Thanks so much for the great news!!!! I am so glad that he is alive and well, you all made my day. I think the only reason he may have lunged at Patty is he was confused as to who his owners were, Patty had not gone near him in three years. The person who told me he was put down is a nice person and honestly thought he was right, I will tell him that it is not true.

  11. Karen

    On the Dog Whisperer they said Patti LaBelle had her manager buy the dog for her in Africa for home protection, but here it says the dog was a rescue and in another article it says Nasir was a gift. However, when it was said on the show that Nasir was bought in Africa, what breed he was, why he was purchased etc., there were also some explanations given as to why that particular dog was chosen. I find it very sad that Nasir apparently did not get the proper training, confidence building and socialization skills he needed at vital stages of his puppyhood & then was kept in such a small kennel instead of being part of the “pack” he was supposed to protect. Before buying a working breed, especially a large one, people really need to think ahead and commit to training and being involved with the dog(s) on a personal level. Also, where was the breeder in this fiasco??? An ethical breeder would have taken the dog back–INSISTED on taking the dog back.

  12. CDW Publisher: Kym

    I wish I still had the show to watch it again and correct any facts I may have gotten wrong. I do remember on the show them saying he was from Africa – so I don’t know why I put he’s a rescue hmmmmm.

    Btw, have you guys read the interview I did with Susan? She sent me an update shortly after bringing Nasir home with tons of photos! I should try and get an update from her again…

  13. Robin

    Hi! I do have the episode with Patti Labelle on my Tbo system. Patti Labelle’s manager bought Nasir for her from a breeder in Africa, once he started getting big Patti sadly became afraid of him. This is not a breed for a beginning dog owner or for someone who has never owned a powerful breed before. To own a dog like this you must be a very strong pack leader, in Africa they are bred for home defense. Patti claimed he tried to bite her, I do not believe this is what happened, as I mentioned earlier I think Nasir was confused as to who his owners were and this is the only reason he lunged at her, although I am still not totally convinced he actually did lunge at her. If she had not been near him in three years like she claimed on the show he probably did not know who she was and was just guarding his territory. That episode of the show was very upsetting for Boerboel owners like myself, hopefully now Boerboel breeders will screen very carefully people who want to adopt a dog.


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