Britney Spears Gets ‘New’ Dog





Despite being voted the worst dog owner of 2006 by a Hollywood Dog/New York Dog magazine poll, it looks like the previous post of Paris Hilton supposedly purchasing a high-end doggie carrier for Britney might have very well been true!

Britney Spears was out looking for pet supplies at a Bel-Air pet store, while holding a Chihuahua with son, Sean Preston and manager, Larry Rudolph. In another previous post, soon-to-be-ex, Kevin Federline reported that they had given away all three dogs because they were too much work in addition to the children. So the big question of the day is, “where the @)$#&#)$* did this dog come from?” If anyone has any info, let us know!

Update: reports that the pup is none other than Bit Bit but we’re pretty sure it’s a new puppy.


2 thoughts on “Britney Spears Gets ‘New’ Dog

  1. sar

    it’s a new puppy. I worked at that pet store (pets of bel air) for five years- i just went in tonight and asked about these photos because it’s obvious where they were taken, and my old co-worker told me that she bought this new chihuahua there during this trip.

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