7 thoughts on “Mickey Rourke & Loki in South Beach

  1. Mickey Rourke OnLine

    I LOVE these new snaps of Mickey Rourke and Loki! Thanks so much for sharing them with people, like myself, who are genuine Rourke fans. Your photographs are simply lovely! Mickey and Loki look great! May I please have your permission to use them on my web tributes?
    (crediting you is a given)
    Thanks again..

  2. Rebecca

    Mickey looks great. So much natural sex appeal. It’s wonderful how much he loves his animals. He’s one of a kind. Truely magnetic.

  3. Hanz

    ok over time I messed up. This Hanz Zappa’s mom. He wants to meet Loki. Hanz is a sweet French Bull now 2 years old. This a small little favorite!!!!!! Peace and Love to allllllllllllll

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