Pink’s Dog, Elvis, Drowns in Swimming Pool

Pink nd Elvis

It’s a sad day today for pop star Pink after finding her beloved bulldog Elvis had drowned in the swimming pool of her Los Angeles home.

Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, named the dog Elvis because he was a gift from Elvis Presley‘s daughter and long-time friend Lisa Marie Presley.

A source told Star, “Pink went to run an errand and left Elvis in the backyard of her LA mansion.

“An hour later she returned and found him floating in her swimming pool. She tried to see if she could be resuscitated, but there was no luck. She was devastated.

“He had swum in that pool many times before with no struggle. Who knows why he drowned on this occasion. Elvis was like a child to her and her husband, Carey.”

If you’d like to stop by Pink’s MySpace page and leave her a sympathy message, click here for the link.



9 thoughts on “Pink’s Dog, Elvis, Drowns in Swimming Pool

  1. Lara

    Oh my god, thats terrible she must be absolutly devasted, my heart goes out to her at this difficult time, RIP Elvis.

  2. anthony

    im so sorry for you and carey.i hope your funeral turns out great.poor elvis.i wish that never would have happened.after all i am your biggest fan.

    so sorry
    with love

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