Manners for Dogs & Their Owners

This is a book that’s definitely worth buying and slipping under the doormat of neighbors you encounter who are in need of some doggie etiquette. You know, the ones who let their dog crap on your front lawn while you watch from the front window or the people who let their dog run loose that come up to you while you’re exiting your vehicle and bark bark bark bark at you on your own property.

Yeah, those people!

Author, pet care specialist and trend watcher, Charlotte Reed provides pet owners with insights on how to best care for their pets. Millions have caught Charlotte Reed on her segments on ABC’s The View as well as “pet beat” on Inside Edition and a ton of other stuff! Where there are pets, there is Charlotte!

I had the opportunity to exchange emails a couple of days ago with Charlotte and I’m looking forward to providing you guys with an interview soon about the book, celebrity pets, and more! Stay tuned and don’t let another day pass with unwanted crap on your yard – you can pre-order the book today. Just use the link below:


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