Sarah Chalke and Her Choccie Lab

Sarah Chalke plays young doctor Elliot on ABC’s hit show, Scrubs, and is engaged to her long term boyfriend Jamie Afifi but she has another love in her life, her Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Lola.

She is quoted saying:

I have the cutest little chocolate lab. I named her Lola because she walks like a woman and talks like a man. She’s this beautiful little girl, but she’s got the deepest bark you’ve ever heard.”

Lola was a gift to Sarah from her Scrubs cast-mates at a charity auction. Sarah and the rest of the cast all take their dogs to work which means that some days, eight dogs flock to the Scrubs set!

Apparently Lola is the most well behaved dog on the set and Sarah is always helping her cast mates out with their naughty puppies!


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