Animal Fair’s 8th Annual Paws for Style

Hayden Panettiere

Katie Blair Miss Teen USA and Cindy

Alexandra Chando and Lola

This event just gets better and better! Animal Fair magazine’s Paws for Style not only showcases some snazzy apparel but they also benefit the Humane Society. A worth cause indeed.

This year’s celebs that turned out to strut their stuff on the catwalk with a fury companion of the dog variety were Hereos Hayden Panettiere, Trading Spaces and In Touch Weekly‘s designer Doug Wilson (both holding Toby), As the World Turns, Alexandra Chando, celebrity chef, Bethenny Frankel and her dog, Cookie, Miss Teen USA Katie Blair and her dog Cindy, What Not to Wear host, Stacy London and Alice, Stella Keitel (daughter of Lorraine Bracco and Harvey Keitel) and Eloise, animal activist and philanthropist Frances Hayward with her rescued dog Amigo, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, the 9th bachelor on ABC’s The Bachelor and his dog, James Bond, Richard Belzer and his dog Bebe, lifestyle expert Mar Jennings and his Miniature Schnauzer, Corky and last but not least, Court TV‘s Catherine Crier and two of her five dogs, Bella and Abigail.

Lots more thumbnails below:

Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere Bethenny Frankel and Cookie Bethenny Frankel and Cookie Katie Blair Miss Teen USA and Cindy Katie Blair Miss Teen USA and Cindy Katie Blair Miss Teen USA and Cindy Katie Blair Miss Teen USA and Cindy Richard Belzer and Bebe Prince Lorenzo Borghese and his dog James Bond Mar Jennings and Corky Stella Keitel Frances Hayward and Amigo Stacy London and Alice Catherine Crier with Bella and Abigail Doug Wilson and Toby


9 thoughts on “Animal Fair’s 8th Annual Paws for Style

  1. Nicole

    AWWWWW!!!!!!!! I’m such adog lover my self! I’ve always thought Hayden Panettiere was such a GREAT preson inside, not only cuz she likes dogs, but the way acts & looks u can MOST certainly can see the wonderful sprit she has. U can just see it naturlly. That’s why she so pretty! LOVE YA, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nicole

    I’m a dog lover myself!! I’ve always found a way to connect with animals….
    I’ve always thought HAyden Panettiere was such a great person, not only because she likes dogs, she always seems to be the good girl in Hollywood. I belive if u have a Great sprit, it would show, & look at how pretty Hayden is!!!!!
    – Mean girls are the ones think their hot, but their cold as ice.
    – I don’t think Hayden is that way.

  3. Kitty

    I was at the event and Hayden was SO sweet! Very into her dog. She looked great, so did Mar Jennings and Alexandra Chando–I love seeing the TV stars up close, they were all very gracious. I am definitely bidding on eBay, you can buy Hayden’s Dolce dress, Mar’s shorts, the Bachelor Lorenzo’s shirt, etc. I would LOVE to wear one of these.

  4. Barbara Jean

    I went to this event and MAR was outstanding in his clasic, stylsh look. My girlfriend had a moment and spoke with him as he was so nice and friendly to her. Sence then we have been all over his website wanting to know more about him. What I did find out he’s single and available… not for long I’m sure!!! Now I just can’t get enough of him. I hope to see him next year as I live in NY and want to personnly introduce myself to him and Corky.

    Thank you for having such a fun event


  5. Camille

    That yorkie is SO cute-forget the others, that yorkie is the one that stands out to me! She’s SO cute (oops…I already said that…but it’s worth saying again!)

  6. Donna Groves

    I want a doggie like Bethany Frankel, I just lost my baby doggie and I love cookie, Where can I find a dog like that I am disabled and i want to give love to another and cookie is someone I would like, I had a maltese and he was my baby could you send me some info on Bethany, being a big fan but her doggie what type and cost?

  7. Donna Groves

    as I mentioned above, I am a fan of Bethany and I could be a great assistant as well as friend but mostly I want a to find out where she found her doggie, cookie, we have a lot in common and I would love to hear from her

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