Great News! Nasir Update from Susan Rosetti

Thanks to CDW reader Jen, she passed on info to her friend, dog trainer, Susan Rosetti that there were comments of concern about Nasir, the dog that Patti LaBelle once had who made quite popular from an episode on The Dog Whisperer.

Susan was kind enough to email us last night and sent us a lovely update with tons of photos. Nasir is alive and well and loving life from the looks of it!

Stay tuned for the email she sent along with photos!


2 thoughts on “Great News! Nasir Update from Susan Rosetti

  1. Robin

    My video was used by the Dog Whisperer for a webinar that was on June 24th, 2007. All three people that had videos used are suppose to receive a free on demand webinar, I have not yet received my credit for the on demand webinar. I have called Cesar Millan Inc. and have gotten no where. I have been calling the Dog Psychology Center for the last three months and have left messages with Tina over there and Charise but they have never returned a call. I find this rather rude and definitely not a good way to do business.

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