Adam Sandler Explains Relationship Between Matzoball and Daughter Sadie

You gotta love the Go Ahead and Ask section of People mag. Common folks like me and you can write in to various celebs they’re going to feature and they actually answer a select few of the questions.

The July 23rd issues showcases Adam Sandler where he answered this question about his bulldog Matzoball: How has Matzoball settled into your family?

I must say that Matzoball has been very sweet to my daughter, but initially she was a little heartbroken, wondering why all the attention wasn’t on her anymore. But they are sharing attention. Now that my daughter is crawling, she kind of crawls up on my dog and gives her a little rub. The dog steals my kid’s toys on occasion. That is her big move: She sees my daughter having fun with a toy; the next day we will find the toy beat up with mucus on it. We only find the squeaker if Matzoball burps.

Huh. Are you just as surprised as we are? Who knew Matzoball is a girl? Excuse us while we correct previous posts!


2 thoughts on “Adam Sandler Explains Relationship Between Matzoball and Daughter Sadie

  1. Maxine

    I knew she was a girl!! Meatball was a boy, Sandler received Matzo as a wedding gift from his wife Jackie. There are videos and pics of Matzo wearing a pink bow and having them say that Matzo was Meats lil sis. Matzo hopefully has filled the hole in Sandlers heart from the death of Meatball a few years back.

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