Susan Rosetti: Nasir from the ‘Dog Whisperer’ is Alive and Well



Many of you have emailed us at CDW and/or left comments about your concern for Nasir, the gorgeous boerboel that Patti LaBelle needed help with that was featured on an episode of Cesar Milan‘s show, The Dog Whisperer.

Nasir pulled at so many heart strings and the question of how he was doing was often on all of our minds.

Thanks to Jen, a CDW reader, the six degrees of separation was narrowed and we received an email from Susan including many pictures to share of Nasir and all of her dogs.

Here’s the email she sent word for word:

Hi Kym!
My friend Jen (who is a frequent visitor to your site) has informed me that your readers are expressing concerns of our dog Nasir’s (the boerboel from the king kong/Patti Labelle episode of The Dog Whisperer)well being. I always get a warm feeling in my heart when I hear people are concerned and actively investigating any type of injustice done to any animal. However, despite the rumors, I would like to assure your readers that Nasir is doing wonderfully. We have had some bumps in the road, for Nasir is a very powerful dog with many issues, but with the continuous help of Cesar Milan (who we cannot thank enough) and hard work that Bobby, myself and our family and friends put in everyday, Nasir is adjusting nicely to his new environment and pack. We love our dogs very much and spend much time each day with them to make sure that they are mentally and physically stimulated and balanced. We have e-mailed you a bunch of pictures for your readers to view so that they can put their hearts and minds at ease and see for themselves that Nasir is alive, healthy, happy and enjoying his life with his new family.
Thank you, Susan Rosetti

Nasir looks well taken care of and very loved (as do all her dogs) as evident by even more photos below – we hope you enjoy them and we thank Susan for taking her time to send an update for everyone!

Nasir Nasir Nasir Nasir Nasir


13 thoughts on “Susan Rosetti: Nasir from the ‘Dog Whisperer’ is Alive and Well

  1. Edward

    I hadn’t heard the rumor about Nasir being put down but I had wondered a few times how he was getting along and how SUSAN was getting along, she took in a dog that had a lot of issues and it’s more than what most of us would do. You can tell they spend A LOT OF TIME with their dogs. Its what they need and they all look balanced as well. Kudos to you Susan and family.

  2. Joni

    I remember seeing this show, it made my heart break, poor Nasir, he looks awesome now though. Good job Susan!

  3. Traci

    I just saw another episode of Dog Whisperer the other night and it looked as though Nasir was back at his center living full time…just wondering if there was an issue. I have one of Patty’s infamous puppies as well and we have so many issues with the poor guy.

  4. CDW Publisher: Kym

    Hi Traci, not sure, we’re going to try and contact Susan to see if we can find out if anything happened to result in the change.

    How did you get one of Patti’s puppies?

  5. Robin

    I also saw Nasir at the center on one of the Dog Whisperer shows, I wondered about it to. I was thinking that maybe that episode was filmed during his original 22 days at the center, but I am also curious if he now lives with Cesar. I am a boerboel owner myself and as nice as it was of Susan to take Nasir in I did have some concerns about her taking him. She seemed to have difficulty handling her own dogs. Boerboels require an experienced handler, they are not a breed for a beginner with dogs. You do not want to take in a dog like that if you can not handle the dogs you already have. With a boerboel you must be a very strong pack leader.

  6. Karen Rosenthal

    Hi! I am Karen and also a boerboel owner, I wondered if that episode was Cesar’s first time dealing with a boerboel. They were originally bred in Africa for home defense, that is the breeds purpose. Patti Labelle stated on the show that Nasir lunged at her. I am not convinced that this really happened, I think Nasir was confused as to who his owners were, Patti had not been near him in 3 years. I do not think he knew she was his owner and he was guarding his territory. I agree with you Robin, they do require an experienced handler. All boerboels act just like Nasir, he was not an insecure dog. Boerboels are very leary of strangers and very protective of thier families. Most boerboels are very stable dogs, it is rare to find one that is not balanced or stable.

  7. Cheryl Miller

    I was reading all the discussion on Nasir and I just wanted to say, I had some concerns when I saw that episode. I was concerned about the harness they had on him while pulling cesar in that cart. It was not a good fit, it looked like it was to long plus all the pulling Nasir did was coming from his back end which is not good for him. They had another harness on in one of the scenes prior to the cart scene but that harness was very thick and it was across his chest, so the pulling was from the front which is a much safer way to go. The harness in the cart scene looked like it was irritating his back legs.

  8. Linda Ontiveros

    I’m glad to hear Nasir is doing well. After watching the episode of the Dog Whisperer with Nasir – I instantly fell in love with the breed. I also got a South African Boerboel named Akeem, however; after only 8 weeks with us – he tragically passed away this week. We are in shock about our loss, but am blessed to have so many wonderful memories with during his short stay with us.

  9. Sharon

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your puppy, Akeem. I, too, have a new Boerboel puppy that I have had just under 3 months. She is now 6 months old. I keep her well socialized, but she also is somewhat leary of strangers, especially when they approach her too quickly. If a stranger approaches us and the stranger stays back for about 1-2 minutes so that she can see everything is okay, then she will accept them with a face lick. If they try to talk to her or pet her before an introduction, she is very leary of them. This is a trait of the Boerboel as they are reserved towards strangers until they know they are accepted and okay. The Boerboel was bred for protection, and that’s what they do best! She is a love bug once she meets you and feels comfortable with you!!

  10. Carl Van Steen

    Linda, so sad to loose your puppy, I hope you have found a new love

    We have replayed the episode many many times. We are a small home breeder with one male and one female only, and we expect our first litter in October 2008.
    Now probably 2 years after the show was on the air, Once a while we still get negative feedback on the breed based on the show.
    People have seen the show and think that all Boerboels are mean and aggressive dogs.
    Many weeks before the show aired you could see previews where Nasir kicked out a screendoor while showing some temperament. None however shows signs of an aggressive dog.
    To me, it appears that the crew that was taping the show was triggering behavior that would make a great preview so that they could get a larger audience.
    While Cesar was with the dog, the dog never showed any signs of trying to be dominant and or aggresive towards anybody. He did not even show interest in Cesar when Cesar entered the cage. He just showed many signs of lack of human or canine contact.
    I doubt if the dog even ever launched at Patti. It really is her word against the dogs. Based on the timeline in the story it must have happened when Nasir was a large puppy (6 month to 1 year). She might have bent over to him from a distance which in doggy body language is a playbow. Based on that he might have run up to her to finally get some long deserved playtime. Instead he got the final solitairy lock up.

    We feel bad for Nasir’s neglect but we feel even more for all other Boerboels and all other dogs portayed as bad animals in shows like this, especially if they have fabricated the facts by staging behaviour that did not exist to begin with.

    Note that Patti wanted a personal protection dog but the dog should live outside in isolation and at the same time should be her most loving pet when she felt like love. Check with any K9 police officer how much training is needed to get a dog to work protection detail, and how well the dog will respond to family members approaching the dog. Patti was expecting the impossible and also got help from a trainer that was not up to the task.

    One of the most valuable traits of the Boerboels is that they are great guard dogs without showing aggression. Our dogs love anybody that we let in but they will keep the black bears and mountain lions out.

    For comments you can contact us through our website www.

  11. Rico Rosetti

    Just wanted to inform anyone still visiting this site that Nasir finally passed away 3/21/14. He was nearly 13 yrs old and had a good life with my sister. Great dog and a good friend to us all.

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