Kristin Davis on ‘Sex and the City’ Set

Kristin Davis

Being the huge dog lover that Kristin Davis is, we’re not surprised that she couldn’t resist reaching out to pet this pooch walking by while on the set of Sex and the City: The Movie, in New York City today.

Was there ever a dog on any of the SATC shows? I can’t recall but they should have written one in for Charlotte 😆

Photo Credit: Perez/Abbot/INFphoto


5 thoughts on “Kristin Davis on ‘Sex and the City’ Set

  1. toni

    Of course there were dogs in SATC!!! Remember, Charlotte adopted the Cavalier King Charles from the breeder who said the dog wasn’t “show quality.” I can’t remember what she named her, but remember, Charlotte went ballistic when the dog had her heat!!! “Mommy can’t look at you right now!!!” Classic. I believe she named the dog after Elizabeth Taylor, but I can’t remember. Great episode though. I believe it was Season 6. Oh no, not only am I a dog nerd now, but also revealed as a SATC nerd!!

  2. Katy

    ^^ The Cavalier was originally named Princess Dandywine (or Brandywine?), and Charlotte renamed her Elizabeth Taylor. 🙂 ….So glad they’re making the movie! Can’t wait!

  3. mikael

    Elizabeth taylor (the dog) was originally named princess dandyridge brandywine. You were close though!

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