Lucy Liu and her Choccie Lab

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

If anyone out there knows FOR SURE the name of Lucy Liu‘s dog, we’d appreciate it – we put a call out to her rep but no response so far. We’re aware that its been reported the dog’s name is Jack buttttttttttttt we’ve never read that name before (or any name for that matter) and she does have a co-star, Jack Yang so there might be some confusion based on that little tidbit.

The two were spotted on the set of Cashmere Mafia, a new TV series starting this fall on the ABC network.

A comedy, a group of successful female executives who have been friends since college turn to each other for guidance as they juggle their careers with family in New York City. Liu plays Mia Mason, one of the four women.

The owner of a choccie myself, I have to say I find her dog to be quite gorgeous 🙂

Photo Credit: INFphoto


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  1. steven

    at a guess its be boy , or Sebastian or Belvedere after the cartoon with daffy duck , beautiful Lucy being the daffy duck , and the Southern Gent being foghorn leghorn in little boy boo

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