6 thoughts on “Kristin Davis on a Jog with Dogs

  1. Hollis Suzzanne Smyer

    What great Photos 🙂 I would Love toknow how people do this… I have tried to exercize with my dogs and each and every time the event ends up with mass humiliation and generally a trip to the Emergency room for me LOL

  2. Michelle

    I would Like to know the type of dog is in the first picture leading the pack it is not pictured in the second picture where shes holding the two close!

  3. Tammy Lewis

    Hi Kristin,
    I could not help but to notice how beautiful your pictures are of all the animals you exhibit. I also commend you for all your efforts made to save our animals from those cruel creatures out in this world.

    Having said that, I tried to respond to your posted ad in regards to your cavalier ( I am sure the pupps have names by now) for adoption.

    My name is Tammy Lewis, I live in Naples, FL. I went through a horrible separation last year (was engaged to be married and was with the guy for five years) and am finally separated and settled. I lost my father to suicide, and have finally healed from it. I longed for my coco, whom I lost when my separation occurred (he paid for her so he stated he got to keep her). I am at a loss without my little one, and am looking to give all my love and support to a wonderful little being. If you still have one of your puppies available for adoption, I would love to adopt. I can make arrangements over the weekend to fly up and meet you so that you feel comfortable with the adoption process. I also have excellent references, and am simply looking to care for a wonderful little life.

    Tammy Lewis 239-571-0009

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