Pink’s Tattoo of Elvis – Up Close


Pink’s tattoo of Elvis

You gotta love a woman who loves her dog so much she tattoo’s him on her arm.

While at a gas station in Sherman Oaks yesterday, Pink showed off her personal and very creative tribute to Elvis whom she lost on January 18th of this year when he drowned in her swimming pool.

RIP Elvis.


5 thoughts on “Pink’s Tattoo of Elvis – Up Close

  1. kevin

    Pink’s dog tattoo is a tribute to her late dog, Elvis. The tattoo says:

    “A time to weep. A time to mourn. Sleep in peace.”
    Her dog, Elvis, drowned in her backyard pool, and she found him after she got home.

    Elvis was given to her by Lisa Marie Presley

  2. Reenie

    The full saying is:
    “A time
    to weep
    A time
    to laugh
    A time
    to mourn and
    A time
    to dance
    Sleep in peace,
    My darling
    I release you”
    ? i love this..and now i need this..cause my dog died today ='(

  3. alauna

    i love the tattoo, im getting a tattoo of a wicked looking heart surrounding a paw print meaning i love all animals etx. you can find it on google.. oh also i absolutely love pink more than i already did (no homo) because of this tattoo. and Reenie, im sorry for your loss. i hope you will get threw it well and always charish your dog <3

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