14 Dogs Too Many for Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services paid a visit to the home of Paris Hilton yesterday to investigate a complaint about her dogs.

Captain Bowers told TMZ his department received a complaint from an animal rescue group, after Paris’ appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday. On the show, Paris talked about having 17 dogs — a huge no-no in the city of Los Angeles. A non-breeder is only allowed three dogs per address!

The critically panned Hottie and the Nottie star, 27 — who has been in Las Vegas celebrating the launch of her Paris Hilton Collection said:

“I have 17 dogs — lots,” she said. “They all sleep in my bed – well, not all of them, but I let some of them.”

Hilton said she has so many dogs because “they keep having babies, and I feel bad about giving them away.”

When DeGeneres asked Hilton why she didn’t just get the dogs neutered, she said that they all now were “fixed,” but later added, “well, two of them weren’t.”

Huh? 😯


9 thoughts on “14 Dogs Too Many for Paris Hilton

  1. shannon

    Once again Ms. Hilton proves that she is irresponsible with animals. In addition to acquiring them at pet stores, she has permitted them to breed and found herself incapable of maturely handling the results. How she’s going to cope with the mandatory spay/neuter law that the LA city council just passed is beyond me!

  2. lemon

    There’s been rumors about serious neglect of her animals leading to their deaths. Then she just goes and buys more at the pet store. I really hope she gets in a lot of trouble.

  3. Melissa

    hopefully they’ll find responsible homes for those dogs. It’s horrible she can be so ignorant and utterly clueless on responsible pet ownership.

  4. Natalie

    Amazing she has gotten away with this for so long. She shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a puppy again for the rest of her life.
    Watch out kittens!

  5. alessia

    I personaly do not like this woman however what’s the problem on having 17 small dogs??? I have 5 small Poodles!! Too many, why?!! Anyway, going back to Ms. Hilton, if she loves them and they are kept well, and I am pretty sure her house must be very big so neighboard would not hear tem barking, so in my opnion nobody should go there to decide how man animals you can have in your own property!!! That’s my thought! 3 animals per household?? Hey, what is this a gestapo Country??

  6. Camille

    *sigh* It’s sad she doesn’t just get them fixed. Come on, Paris, what if you end up with some inbreeding and deformed chihuahuas?

  7. shachithra

    i love chihuahuas i have 1 but this days he is not well plz pray 4 him i love him so much i cant live with out him

  8. Cindy

    We also have many pets, seven dogs in all shapes and sizes. Without our dogs, we are just not nearly as happy. I am an artist and create small pet furniture. Some of the “homes” work like crates. They’re all fun and made from found objects.

    Enjoy your dogs!

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