Christina Aguilera’s Family Photo Complete with Dogs

Christina Aguilera and family

Hello! magazine just went gold with this picture of Christina Aguilera , her husband Jordan Bratmanand their baby boy, Max Liron, who was born on January 12th. How adorable is he?

Of course, we can’t overlook the three dogs in the photo too. Both of her papillions, Stinky and Chewy and a BIG DOG we heard about but still can’t pin down a name to attach it to. Drats.

The beautiful family invited Hello! into their Beverly Hills mansion to meet their baby and we’re hoping when the magazine hits newstands next week, this info will be revealed.

If anyone knows what we’re looking for, hit us up!

Thanks as always to one of our most faithful readers, Cecilia for alerting us of this terrific photo!

Christina AguileraUpdate: We just got word this is her dog Cocoa and another CDW reader, Mo, sent us a picture from 2005 when Cocoa was a puppy.


8 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s Family Photo Complete with Dogs

  1. Selene

    Sooooooo cute! I think it’s a brindle bullmastiff too, I didn’t know she still had cocoa, its great to see him/her again lol

  2. Tatuli

    Hi I am from Georgia I love Christina Aguilera She is a wonderful singer her voise real kill me

  3. Teresa

    I should have known this girl had to be a dog lover too. She is an amazing talent I have followed since “Genie in a Bottle”. I love her on “The Voice” and as much as I have also loved American Idol, this show has them beat and her presence is one of the big reasons why. Lucky dogs to live with such a beautiful voice in their house!

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