Ron Artest Participates in Spay and Neuter Program

Ron Artest

Not long ago, basketball player Ron Artest (who now plays for the Sacramento Kings) was in the dog house over allegations from neighbors that he was leaving his Great Dane out in the yard without food and water for months at a time.

Artest was never charged and denied the allegations. Now, Artest is proving his love for man’s best friend by donating a nice amount of money to pay for the spay and neutering of 50 pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Artest is scheduled to be at the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on March 11 to greet dog owners as they bring their canines to participate in the organization’s pit bull spay-neuter program.

For information about the spay and neuter program, call 916-383-7387, ext. 9017.


One thought on “Ron Artest Participates in Spay and Neuter Program

  1. Cameron

    It seems kinda weird that the situation was bad enough that they wouldn’t give Artest his dog back — after it had to be at the vet for a whole month — and at the same time no charges were filed. I also read in a news article that in the 6 mos before the Great Dane was taken by AC, Ron’s dogs had spent a total of 70 days at AC. And still no charges!

    It’s also kinda weird that when I called the number for the spay program it said they got 70 calls the first day the lines opened up last month but only had 36 appointments available. Is the goal to increase the number turned away to 100 per month? Why do they need Artest to promote a program that’s so overbooked all the time?

    Maybe a little reciprocal back-scratching going on?

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