Dolly and Norm are in Miami with Jennifer Aniston

Rumor has it that while filming the new movie, Marley & Me based on the book by Josh Grogan, Jennifer Aniston is living rent free at Gloria Estefan‘s Miami, Florida palatial estate.

Estefan `rents’ out guest houses on her $10 million Star Island retreat and the former Friends star is living in the one where the Latina pop superstar’s late mother once lived.

An insider tells In Touch magazine, “It’s (estate) typically not rented out, but close friends are welcome.”

What we do know is Jennifer’s dogs are close at hand 😉

Read more about Aniston’s Miami stay HERE.

See Jennifer and Owen Wilson with the dog who plays Marley – HERE.


2 thoughts on “Dolly and Norm are in Miami with Jennifer Aniston

  1. Karen

    Like your site. Where did you read that Dolly was with Jennifer. We know Norman is. Norman was with her at the airport and was spotted at the Mandarin Hotel, but there has been no other mention of Dolly except yours.

  2. CDW Publisher: Kym

    Hi Karen,

    While we don’t have PROOF that Dolly is with her, like a photo, someone who lives in the area emailed us with a sighting of the two dogs on the property. We’re trying to get confirmation from her rep but of course they might think they have more important things to do than verify a dog on the premises of a client’s home 😉
    We’ll see, maybe some paparazzi shots will confirm it down the road, she’ll be there for a while I’m assuming (hoping).

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