Drew Barrymore Concerned About Weight

Drew Barrymore

…but not her weight, her dog’s weight. According to Star magazine, Flossie, a yellow lab/chow mix that at one time, saved Drew’s life when her house caught on fire in 2001, has been gaining weight over the years.

She’s so concerned and willing to do anything to help Flossie’s health, she’s giving her an FDA approved drug for dogs to aid in weight loss called Slentrol.


3 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore Concerned About Weight

  1. Digestion

    Yeah, its the right thing for Drew to be concerned with her pet’s health. There are some cases for obese dogs, to have problems walking and even standing for a very short period of time.

  2. Dog Dress

    I knew it couldn’t be Drew’s weight she was concerned about. She looks fabulous at any weight! Sorry to hear she’s concerned about her dog.

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