Kate Bosworth’s Dog, Lila, Bite’s Co-Star

Kate Bosworth

X17 is reporting that actress Kate Bosworth of the newly released movie, 21, hosted a party this past Saturday in celebration of the movie’s #1 spot at the box office.

Apparently Lila, bit her co-star Aaron Yoo in the face at the party and Aaron had to go to the hospital to receive stitches.

Ouch! We hope he’s OK!


3 thoughts on “Kate Bosworth’s Dog, Lila, Bite’s Co-Star

  1. Danielle

    While biting is serious, and face biting can be extremely serious, there’s no way for us to know right now whether the animal was provoked in an extreme way.
    Typically, the animal was be quarantined at home (away from any visitors) or in a kennel for 30 days while an investigation is done.

  2. CDW Publisher: Kym

    I agree, face biting is serious but I was just talking to Harrison Forbes on PET TALK (dog specialist and trainer) and he said the dog could’ve easily been (unknowingly) provoked which then would make it pretty unfair to put the dog down.

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