Bernadette Peters’ Book Release: Broadway Barks

Bernadette Peters

Bernadette Peters

A true advocate for animals, Bernadette Peters released her book, entitled Broadway Barks, an appropriate name that derives from a program she’s often involved with alongside Mary Tyler Moore in New York on May 12th.

She also brought along her dog, Kramer to help celebrate 😉

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2 thoughts on “Bernadette Peters’ Book Release: Broadway Barks

  1. Faith Gebert

    After hearing Ms Peters sing her song on the Today show I am rushing out to get the book for a baby gift, the lyrics are so touching for parents and pet lovers alike. The CD is supposed to come with the book.

  2. Marianne T

    Saw Ms Peters and Kramer this morning on the Today Show. Just came back from buying the book which includes the CD. So happy to see the proceeds totally go to the shelters. Beautiful illustrations and music. Can’t get the tune out of my head, been singing this song all day to my 3 dogs. God bless, what a beautiful thing.
    PS would love to buy a Broadway Barks bandana for my guys. Are they for sale?

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