Steven Cojocaru & Stinky

Fashion critic, Steven Cojocaru was seen with his Maltese, Stinky on April 29th in NYC.

Back in 2005, Steven asked Cesar Millan for help with Stinky’s behavior issues.

“Help me, Dog Whisperer,” Cojo says to Cesar. “He’s so spoiled. This little five-pound runt is running my life!”

The “runt” in question is Cojo’s little white Maltese, Stinky, whose lack of social skills had become a bit of an embarrassment to his father. “The problem is, when we’re walking down the street and he sees other dogs, he goes ballistic — attacking them and barking,” explains the style maven. “And I’m really worried that one day some dog is going to swallow him up like a McNugget or a little cocktail weenie at a bar mitzvah.”

Cesar explained, “they live in the moment. So once you change the moment, the brain changes with it.”

Such changes include providing Stinky with plenty of exercise to remove excitement, tension and anxiety as well as showing him who the boss is by being more assertive. “When he comes and jumps on you, you pick him up. He’s telling you what to do,” says the dog whisperer. “Instead of you creating that, he’s telling you, I’m ready to be picked up, open the door, feed me.”

Unfortunately, such willingness on Cojo’s part to be at Stinky’s beck and call may result in the pooch loving him, but not necessarily respecting him. “What, you don’t respect me?” says a shocked Cojo to Stinky. “After everything I’ve done for you? The French lessons? The private school? The expensive grooming? The Louis Vuitton collar? And you don’t respect me?!”

In hopes of gaining that respect, Cojo wonders if it’s possible to discipline Stinky to pull his weight around the house. “Can he be taught how to unload the dishwasher or maybe help bring in the groceries?” asks Cojo. To which Cesar quickly replies, “You can hire a monkey for that.”

We hope Steven has helped Stinky to overcome those issues now, three years later 😉


One thought on “Steven Cojocaru & Stinky

  1. Mary

    I do so hope Stinky finds some peace with his new Pack Leader…It would be very hard to resist such a darling little guy. But, he will be much happier, and well balanced if he is not bearing the burden of the Leader.
    Stay with it! Cesar’s methods work!
    Mary Murray

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