Cuddle Time! Kristin Cavallari & the Pup

Kristin Cavallari

Who does this cute little pup belong to? We’ve got our feelers out to Kristin‘s publicist and we’re wondering if she just couldn’t resist cuddling up to the feel of puppy fur or if she’s a new mom again.

Pics were taken on the 4th in Malibu. We’ll let you know if we find out more info!

Just heard back from Kristin’s publicist, it’s not her dog!  in the meantime, there are new coupons and promo codes for things like coupons for 20% off at petcarerx


2 thoughts on “Cuddle Time! Kristin Cavallari & the Pup

  1. Erin

    Hi! Oh my gosh what kind of dog is this?! It’s the cutest pup I’ve ever seen! I’m looking to adopt and would lo-lo-love to get a dog this cute!

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