Happy Day for Oprah and Sadie!

Oprah Winfrey 

 After nearly two weeks of veterinarian care, Oprah Winfrey’s  3-month-old Sadie has returned home, making a full recovery from Parvo.

Sadie, a 3-month-old Cocker Spaniel, went home last Friday and is “doing really well,” said her spokeswoman, who described Winfrey as “pleased.”

It’s always great to hear such good news! Hope all of little Sadie’s health problems are behind her and she can live a long and happy life!

 Photo Credit: Harpo


2 thoughts on “Happy Day for Oprah and Sadie!

  1. CDW Contributor Seana N. Post author

    Cecily, you may be thinking of Sadie’s littermate Ivan, who Oprah adopted just after she adopted Sadie and then had the entire litter on her show. Ivan was the one who originally had the Parvo and died a short time later despite treatment.

    Sadie contracted Parvo and was treated successfully for it.

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