Michael Jackson Angers PETA (again)

 Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is planning his big comeback at London’s O2 Arena for July, 2009  and PETA is mad as a wet hen at him!  

The King of Pop’s heart is set on using exotic animals onstage, which is a huge taboo in PETA’s eyes.

Somehow, Michael thinks riding out on an African elephant, with panthers on gold chains and parrots and other birds flying behind him  with an arena full of screaming fans , blinding lights and stage explosions is a good idea.

Did he learn nothing from Sigfried and Roy??? It sounds like a recipe for disaster!  

PETA released a statement today saying, “These exotic animals belong in Africa, not the O2 Arena among screaming fans, bright lights and stage explosions. These wild animals are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them when they are forced to perform under stressful conditions. Michael needs to learn to leave exotic animals alone.”

Stay tuned for further developments; it will be interesting to see what comes of it!


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