Sad News for Oprah

Celebrity Dog Watcher has just verified what has been reported in various news sources that one of Oprah Winfrey’s  new puppy Cocker Spaniels, Ivan, has succumbed to the deadly parvovirus.

As we reported on March 6th, Oprah had recently adopted Sadie, a gold colored Cocker puppy. She featured Sadie’s three male littermates; Gordie, Webster and Ivan on her show that day and subsequently also adopted Ivan. The other pups were adopted by other loving homes.

Ivan became ill a few days later, and  sadly succumbed to the virus late last week. Sadie was also infected, but has stablized for the first time since beginning receiving treatment and “is holding her own”.

Winfrey, in a statement to the  Chicago Tribune, said, “I’m saddened by his passing, though we only had him for a weekend. I remain hopeful that Sadie will pull through.” , and an official statement at the PAWS Chicago website reads: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Oprah Winfrey on the loss of Ivan, and we are hopeful that Sadie makes a full recovery.

We’re pulling for you little Sadie and for your remaining brothers! Hang in there!


3 thoughts on “Sad News for Oprah

  1. Lisa (The Pet Book Lady)

    That is so sad! One of our Heritage Makers consultants created a small book for Oprah awhile back in memory of her dog who passed away and Oprah called her to thank her! She’s a devoted dog lover and like me, is a devoted “dog mom”.

  2. Maddie

    I just wrote on how happy I was about Oprah’s new puppy. I sadden but glad that the others are going to be ok. I love Oprah and hope to see her big smile again on celebrity dog news.

  3. Tracy

    I hope and pray that she knows that her whole home and yard need to be treated to kill this nasty virus, or any other dogs can pick it up. Parvovirus can live up to SIX months or more without treatment of surfaces 🙁

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