50 Cent Isn’t Scared of Anything!





Rapper 50 Cent and  gossip guy Chace Crawford were shooting on location for the film “Twelve” yesterday, April 27, 2009 in New York City and spent  time  between scenes rubbing elbows with fans standing by.

One woman wanted a photo of them with her rather giantic dog, and they happily accommodated her along with taking pictures with other fans and signing autographs and  one young girl’s hand!

Photo Credit: Splash News


3 thoughts on “50 Cent Isn’t Scared of Anything!

  1. Coolest Dog Checks

    Makes you wonder where these celebs keep there dogs, he looks like hes outside a hotel. I cant imagine a hotel letting a dog in…. then again with a flash of cash maybe they can be convinced 😉

  2. Katy

    That’s a Great Dane! I had one exactly like him many years ago. Nice to see 50 taking him with him! Danes are such great dogs!

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