New, New, New Dog-Themed Reality Series Starts Tonight!!





This is so awesome!   TV is really going to the dogs in a big way!

HGTV is premiering   Leader of the Pack   TONIGHT April 26th,  8 PM/7c! 

It’s being billed as a family’s search for the dog that will complete their happy home. One family, one house, and 8 dogs, but only one dog will be making their forever home with the Reckseits, composed of the parents and 3 children. Who are all in agreement that a dog would complete their lives, but havent’ come to a decision on which kind of dog that will be compatible with their family.

The Reckseits will choose 8 dogs to take home and live with them, putting them all to a series of challenges to test their skills and compatibility with the family. Each week, one dog will be eliminated and sent to another loving home, so 7 of these dogs WILL be adopted by other parties, but one dog will reign supreme as the Reckseit’s Leader of The Pack!

It looks and sounds like such a fun show; seeing 8 very different dogs with very different personality traits interact with the family. One episode will feature a pet psychic who’ll be trying to understand how the dogs are feeling about their potential new home and another episode will feature a Doggie Fashion Show!  But the best thing is, 8 dogs find a great new  home, and I’m sure it will help the other dogs who are featured (there’s 12 in all at the beginning) find homes too. And that’s a GOOD THING!

This is a limited series, so don’t miss it!  You can meet the adorable canine cast (I’ve already chosen the ones I want them to pick!) HERE.