Nicolette Sheridan Eats, Runs, Desperately Seeks Shoe!







The new man in Desperate Housewive’s Nicolette Sheridan’s life, Steve Pate; took her and her Golden Retriever buddy Oliver  shopping at the Malibu Country Mart and to lunch yesterday Saturday, April 25, at a Greek restaurant, Taverna Tony in Malibu, CA.

At one point, it looked like Nicolette was going to lose control of Oliver, who seemed startled upon leaving the restaurant by a swarm of papparazzi, and then while running to the car, she lost a shoe which was recovered by a courteous photographer (at least he didn’t keep it and try to sell it on eBay!). 

Ummmm, Nicole….isn’t that what those white strings attached to your shoes are for? They’re like magic!


Photo Credits: Top photo: Bauer-Griffin

                              Middle photo: Splash News

                              Bottom Photo: Pacific Coast News