Kristin Chenoweth Coast to Coast






One of the most adorable duos we can think of, Kristin Chenoweth and her Maddie were seen arriving at JFK airport in New York on a flight from Los Angeles, April 29, 2009.

I haven’t seen Kristin out much lately and no wonder! She’s still busy on Broadway, has been publicizing her book “A Little Bit Wicked”, and among other endeavors, just completed the drama film “Into Temptation” where she plays a prostitute to Jeremy Sisto’s priest! Not only that, she’s been tapped for the film version of “Wicked” reprising her Broadway role, set to release next year. Wow, talk about busy!

Good to see Kristin and Maddie again!


Photo Credit: Splash News


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  1. Jake

    where did you hear that she has officially been cast in the wicked movie and that it’s coming out next year?

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