Mischa Barton Has a Puppy Chapeau





The “O C ” actress Mischa Barton attended the official  opening of the summer sale at the luxury department store, Harrods in London June 27, 2009 in the Pet Department! 

She’s seen cuddling a pair of Dachshund puppies here.

She apparently is perpetuating a Harrod’s tradition of the owner of the store, Mohammed Al Fayed  placing a puppy on her head  in lieu of a crown. We can only assume this is the case,  since it looks like this tradtion dates back at least to 2007 when Sara Michelle Gellar got the same royal treatment (see below). He was probably scared to put a puppy on Kim Catrall’s head in 2008.

I can’t comment on the selling of puppies in a department store, other than to say it seems odd.

Oh, those crazy luxury department store owners sure know how to have fun, don’t they?

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Photo Credit: Mischa Barton: Splash News