One Small Step for Dogs, One Giant Leap for Dogkind!


 Dog history has been made once again!

This time, it’s in the cinema field!

Eli, the Chihuahua is one of the very few dogs to have their own listing on IMDB!  Too cute! Up ’til now, “they” said it couldn’t be done!

It’s a big achievement when you think about all the dogs who have had starring roles in television and film and so few of THEM are listed on the IMDB.

You might recognize Eli from the small dog MilkBone biscuit boxes. That’s him!  Eli has appeared in many in-print magazines gracing multiple covers and fashion shows, “pawticipates” in many charity dogwalks and parades and is generally the “dog-about-town” in the Big Apple!

Eli’s owner, Karen Biehl has long been Eli’s champion and is seeing to it that credit is given where credit is due!

We applaud you Karen, for being such a great advocate for your budding star! And now, you can officially be called a “stage-dog mom”, LOL!

Eli will be appearing in a short film being screened at the New York Latino Film Festival July 30, in NYC  called “Dog Run” and Eli himself will be making a personal appearance!

 Eli’s message – don’t listen to the naysayers who say things can’t be done.  Make your
own rules!  WOOF 🙂

We hope to bring you an interview with Eli the Chihuahua and his owner Karen soon, so keep checking back!


Photo Credit: Petographs by Ixiana Hernandez


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