Bo Obama on Summer Vacation

The First Dog, Bo, joined the Obama family on their summer vacation in Bar Harbor Maine last week. Bo visited several local attractions with the Obamas including Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, before returning to the White House on Sunday.

bo obama maine Credit: Yuri Gripas/Getty

Bo dog obamaCredit: Cliff Owen/AP

bo obama maine

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10 thoughts on “Bo Obama on Summer Vacation

  1. Mick Mason

    Hi what a lovely dog , have you any Idea if bo is short for obama.
    looks like it is a high maintenance dog,
    But that should be no problem to the obamas
    his he allowed on the grass?
    Cheers mick

  2. pet beds

    I think it would have set a better example if they had rescued a dog from the pound…

    Malia has allergies, which limited their choice of breeds; but while Bo never spent time in a pound, he was given up by his original owners as a bad fit, and was referred out to the Obamas by his breeder.

    It’s a shame that everything about a President has to be politicized, even his choice of pet.

  3. Lisa

    What a wonderful pet. He fixes perfectly with president Obama, both very stylish.
    We don’t always have to go to a pound and rescue a dog to feel better as dog parents. We choose to love and care for an animal and they become our best friends. Doesn’t matter if they come from a pound or a pet shop!!!

  4. Free Obama

    Well, I’m glad people at least like his dog! The guy gets blamed for everything, and the recent tax situation is another no-win. I think he is too good of a guy to be a successful president. And how else are you going to pay down the deficit w/o raising taxes? Oh well, love the dog!

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