Maltipoo – Celebrity Hybrid

Maltipoo Invasion – The Toyota Prius is no longer the hottest hybrid in Hollywood. Meet the Maltipoo; the unholy union of the Maltest and the Poodle that is hugely popular as an accessory among young celebrities right now.

This designer dog has dethroned the toy Chihuahua (Paris & Brittney popularized, and then ruined that trend) as the trendiest dog to tote around LA, as the list of Maltipoo owners keeps growing.

Some celebrity Maltipoo owners include: Ellen Degeneres, Ashley Tisdale (Blondie & Maui), Jessica Simpson (RIP Daisy), Michele Kwan (Ginseng), Blake Lively (Penny), Miley Cyrus (Sophie), Carmen Electra (Kiko), Vanessa Hudgens (Shadow), Rihanna (DJ) and more.

It isn’t known whether obtaining a Maltipoo is just a trend, or possibly something bigger; perhaps a well organized plot by the seemingly harmless breed to take over the world, starting with its most vain, insecure, and rich inhabitants: young female celebrities. Here is more shocking evidence of celebrities obeying the Maltipoo:

Miley Cyrus Maltipoo

Maltipoo Controlling Miley Cyrus

rihanna maltipoo

Rihanna and her master

Blake Lively Maltipoo

Blake Lively obeys the Maltipoo

Michelle Kwan Maltipoo

Michelle Kwan dominated by Maltipoo

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18 thoughts on “Maltipoo – Celebrity Hybrid

  1. Granite Sealer

    Why is this hybrid dog as well as the Labradoodle a stylish, expensive trend dog, whereas ten years ago these dogs would have just been called “mutts”?

  2. Jlo

    I have a maltipoo puppy and she is so funny. I love her ba quad she wa the only f*ckin girl in her gamilyn soooooooo yeaaaa

  3. NunU

    I have a 9 week maltipoo, and I’m so in love with her absolutely the best puppy, love these pics

  4. Mark S

    Ok so, I don’t mean to start a dog war here, but what is so great about a maltipoo? Are they really better than my Scooby or Dino (chocolate and black labs)? Is it because I’m a guy that I feel this way? Somebody educate me please 🙂

  5. Christine Glenna

    They are “so great,” Mark S. because they are small, they don’t shed (so they’re great for people with allergies), and they have excellent temperaments, usually. Maltipoos are very affectionate which makes them great lapdogs, and they get along well with children, so they’re good family pets. They’re smart, easy to train, and lack the independent streak a lot of dogs have. In short, they’re a lot like labs! Except they’re small, portable, and hypoallergenic!

  6. manoamana

    I love my maltipoo. Best of 2 great breeds. Smart, smart, smart from the poodle. Soft, silky, non shedding, no dog odor(!!), calm, loyal, affectionate, wants to please, easy to train, chubby and adorable. I’ve had German Shephards, Collies, Akitas, Boxers, a Poodle, Silky Terrier/Poodle mix, other mixed breeds that were all great dogs, but this mix is truly a great combination.

  7. Domingues

    Ganhei uma cadelinha linda como se fosse Poodle, mas descobri que ela é na verdade Maltepoo, isto me encheu de felicidades, pois temo melhor das duas raças.

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