Celebrities Owned by Pugs

Often described with the Latin phrase, “multum in parvo,” (much in little) Pugs are big personalities in small dogs. The breed has been popular with celebrities for some time, and has been a favorite with royalty for centuries. (starting with the Shang Dynasty in China around 400 B.C.)

Here are some famous Pug owners:

Billy Joel (Fionula)
Brooke Mueller
(Charlie Sheen’s wife)
Gerard Butler
Goran Visnjic
Hugh Laurie

Jessica Alba
(Sid and Nancy)
Paris Hilton (Mugsy)
Tori Spelling (Mimi La Rue)
Valentino (Molly, Milton, Monty, Margot, Maude, Maggie)
Tom Welling – Clark Kent of Smallville (Cook)

pug alba pug goran
pug hilton pug billy joel
dennis quaid pug pug warhol
pug clooney pug danson

Current and former famous Pug owners include:
Woody Harrelson, Ten Danson, Andy Warhol, Jenna Elfman, Josephine Bonaparte, Beverly Mitchell, Lou Ferrigno, Sammy Davis Jr., Paris Hilton, Debra Messing, Maura Tierney, Denise Richards, Tommy Hilfiger, Queen Victoria, Kelly Brook, and King William of Orange.

queen victoria

Queen Victoria; Pug Slave

Pugs have also had a prominent role in politics and royalty since the Shang Dynasty in China. (400 BC) They were the official dog of the House of Orange (Dutch 16-18th Century) and several Pugs owned Queen Victoria. Their prominence in places of power causes some to speculate that they have been pulling the strings of global politics for centuries.


28 thoughts on “Celebrities Owned by Pugs

  1. Mrs G

    A Pug actually saved the life of William, Prince of Orange by giving the alarm that the Spanish were approaching. No wonder they are so popular with the celebs… the paparazzi are coming, the paparazzi are coming!!

  2. Sarah Wilson

    To meet a pug is to love a pug. Court jesters supreme, you simple cannot go through a day without at least a few smiles when in the company of a pug. At least I cannot. Thanks for doing all the leg work to put these pix together. Enjoyed it. 🙂

  3. Colin Instone

    Thought all you Pug owned people should know that we have a brand new site with several Pug images by Robert J May available on coffee mugs and several other items!

  4. Whippetlover

    I’ve always wanted to paint a pug! I rescued one once and we had to take him to a friend’s house while we rode around and put up posters because it was summer and he was panting so loudly we couldn’t hear ourselves think! Obviously by my website, whippets are my breed but the eyes of pug are like a cup of coffee. You have to wake up!

  5. Kylie

    That is nice information for celebrity pets. I think pugs are quite an excellent choice. I wonder if some celebrity pug owners are also into rabbit pets. If so, I bet their rabbit hutch would be definitely grand.

  6. Larry

    Pugs are the best dogs! My family has had them for years. They are very even tempered and make great pets. It’s hard not to become very attached to them as they are very affectionate toward their owners and unlike some breeds, they enjoy interacting with people.

    Pug Power!

  7. eddie

    just to say i think the pugs are a lovely breed but sadly not as cute as the one and only french bull dog, quite a few celebrity own one …. so pick the frenchie …

  8. I Said Sit

    Pugs are definitely adorable! All you pug owners keep in mind during the busy holiday travel season that it can be dangerous to fly with your pug. A cargo compartment doesn’t have good temperature control and short-nosed dogs have a harder time to cool off by panting and it can inhibit their breathing. Always try to fly with them in the cabin. Happy Howl-idays!!

  9. Pugtastic_MT

    Pugs are awesome 🙂 they aren’t as fragile as the other toy breeds and are so much like humans ? I can’t imagine life without them!

    Make sure you are buying from ethical breeders committed to preserving the Pug Dog and look for them at the PDCA.org also Pug rescue groups 🙂

    Great blog, I will definitely frequent your musings!

  10. Milton Wm. Hardy

    I’m a direct descendent of Wiliam the Conqueror (Wm. of Orange). I had no idea someone in my lineage, that far back had pugs, not to mention with my same middle name. I am between pugs right now, lost 2 last year, one from cancer and one from heart trouble. I have 5 pugs over the years and expect to have more. They are a part of my life and my family. They complete me.

  11. Puglover

    I’m a proud owner of 2 pugs and also hope to become a breeder. Pugs have a personality all their own. They love kids and honestly my 2 think they are one of my kids. Anywhere we are they want to be too. They are hams for the camera too!

  12. Life's Hapnin

    Never underestimate the PugLic! These are amazing lil gals and guys! If you are looking for a loyal, kid friendly addition to your family look for a Pug Rescue near you!
    Check out our site for funny pug images. A portion of all sales from our Puglic line go directly to our local Pug Rescue.
    Need a hug? Get a pug!

  13. Love my pug

    I’m crazy about pugs. Thank you for sharing. I’m heartbroken because my little buddy passed away in May and I don’t know if any poochie could ever fill his little paws. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  15. Diane Singerman

    My precious Otis, a pug, was hit by a car a few days ago. I’m still grieving. I loved him like a child and carelessly took him out at night to a place that I thought was safe and fenced, but he got out somehow. He was indoors most the time, but loved an occasional outing. I miss him so much and am trying to treat his sister Olgamae, a pug mix, with extra care, and also his brother, Opie, a Sharpei mix. RIP Otis. 12/28/06-12/6/15.

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