Pugs Not Drugs

charlie sheen pug

Charlie Sheen in Happier Times

Charlie Sheen shown in an undated photo (above) with a stabilizing canine influence, Betty the Pug, in his life.

Although it can’t be confirmed, witnesses report that things have really gone downhill for Charlie since the dog left…

charlie sheen interview

*3/07/11 – Oh no, Betty the Pug has just died!


9 thoughts on “Pugs Not Drugs

  1. innerninja

    He needs to use his dog’s muzzle, or just start barking during interviews so he can be involuntarily committed!

  2. Sue J

    Nice phrase for a title there. Just read what happened to Charlie Sheen, and I do not think he is taking good care of his cute dog. Anyways, this is the first time I’ve seen a black colored pug. Niiiceee!

  3. Jason

    Pug fan here, so I know just having the pug must have had him in a “better place.” Was this even his, or was it just for a photo shoot? I wonder.

  4. kevin Post author

    I think that is Betty, his black pug who just died. That photo must be at least 10 years old, so it makes sense if it’s betty as a puppy…

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