Haylie Duff’s Dog Bentley Dies

haylie duff dog bentley

Hilary and Haylie With her late dog, Bentley

haylie duff dog

Haylie & Bentley

Haylie Duff’s Dog, Bentley, Dies – Sad news, as Haylie Duff’s dog has died. Although Haylie noted that Bentley died of old age, she had revealed in 2007 that the Pomeranian was suffering from Alopecia, which caused him to lose much of his fur.

Haylie tweeted, “Just said goodbye to my best friend… The BEST dog ever. Love you big, lil man.” Sister Hilary also went to twitter with the news, tweeting “Had to say goodbye to a member of the team today. Guys please find pics of bentley and send to @hayliek would mean so much.”

With Haylie as his mom, we’re sure he lived a long, happy life. Remember Haylie, All dogs go to heaven.

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6 thoughts on “Haylie Duff’s Dog Bentley Dies

  1. Wayne DeFrances

    We know how sad it is when we lose our pets! My Siberian Husky died in my arms at only 10-months old!
    We wanted to remember our pet in a special way. Being I’m an artist..I decided to create the best memorial ever of “Mickey Blue Eyes”. I painted a portrait of him and added a small portion of his ashes directly into the painting to have something extraordinary to remember him by.
    We welcome your comments on special ways you’ve remembered your pets…please let us know! Thanks!

  2. damian ellis

    dear haylie duff and hilary we want to be in you pray as we say good bye dog bentley may the lord bless you for are family to you god bless you damian ellis chicago

  3. naga

    I fell sad of what happen to haylie duff bestfriend bently.I know its really hard to lost someone thats close to your heart.Eventhough its not yet happening to me but i know its painfull.I have a dog name lyka.Im still thankful and bless that still this time shes at my side.weve been together for more than two years now.We sleep together, shes always at my side everytime i fell alone and no one could talk.I talk to her like shes understand everything what i talk.shes my companion.

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