William And Kate to Get a Dog?

William and Kate to get a dog? Now that the dust has cleared from the Royal Wedding, we wonder if William and Kate will be focusing on providing England with a Royal bundle of joy… a puppy of course.

kate middleton yorkie dog

Yorkie Demanding Royal Treatment

queen elizabeth corgi

Royal Corgis

The Royal Family has a rich history of being owned by dogs, with Portraits as early as the 17th century prominently showing British Queens, Kinds, and family members posing with their dogs. Dog breeds including greyhounds, King Charles Spaniels, dachshunds, and pugs have owned various Royals, with Corgis ruling Queen Elizabeth since being given a Corgi named “Dookie” at a young age by her father, King George VI.

Since the Royal Wedding, there has been much talk about amending the current royal succession rights; allowing for a baby girl from William and Kate to eventually become queen. However, we wonder if the removal of this “male primogeniture” (royal baby boy favoritism) practice could clear the way for the first canine British monarch?

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Royal Successor?

Many wonder what dog breed William and Kate might get. While adopting a rescue dog would certainly go over well with the public, the couple might opt to go a more traditional route and get a purebred puppy of a historically English breed. (which they have already been offered by more than one breeder)

In any event, the Mountbatten-Windsors, (that is William and Kate’s last name!) have been tight-lipped about the potential puppy choice, but we’ll be keeping an eye on the situation.

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Can You Find the Jack Russell Terrier?

What breed do you think William and Kate should get?

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9 thoughts on “William And Kate to Get a Dog?

  1. Liz Snape

    I hope they get a rescue puppy – if people of their public stature support animal rescue/adoption programs these programs gain international awareness and popularity which can only benefit our furry friends!

  2. way2go

    I’m with you Liz Snape, I really-really hope they adopt puppy from shelter. This will be a great example and encouragement to save these poor animals. Please-please-please Princess Kate, not a pure breed because only those who had genuine love for dog can take the “mutt” with full compassion. I believe your people will respect that.

  3. Ashley

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  4. Justin

    So far the happy couple have surprised us quite a bit, I would be so, so pleased if they adopted a rescue and led by example

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