January Jones Has a Shaggy Dog

january jones dog

January Jones Dog

January Jones Dog

January Walking Max

While most people have been wondering who the father of January Jones’ baby is, we have been wondering what her dog’s name is. (She’s been frequenting the dog park with him, but his name has been a mystery)

Alas, after digging around for some time, we discovered that January Jones’ dog is named “Max.” (what breed is that? Looks almost like a young Portuguese Water Dog)

Well, I guess you can’t accuse the stunning blonde of being too creative with her dog’s name; Max is currently listed as the most common name for dogs, (followed by: Jake, Buddy, Bailey, and Sam in case you care)

In any event, we love January Jones in Madmen, and hope all goes well with her pregnancy and upcoming X-Men movie.

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5 thoughts on “January Jones Has a Shaggy Dog

  1. k9coach

    We still don’t know if “Max” is short for Maxine or Maximillion! Of course there is the possibility that it is just a stand – alone “Max”!

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