Jennifer Aniston’s New Dog Tattoo

jennifer aniston dog norman

Jennifer Aniston’s dog Norman

Aniston Dog Tattoo

Aniston Dog Tattoo

Jennifer Aniston who recently lost her beloved dog, Normon, (a 15 year old Corgi/ Westie mix) has honored the dog with a small tattoo on the inside of her right foot.

This is the first tattoo for the 42 year old actress, whose inspiration for the permanent tribute may have come from new boyfriend, Justin Theroux, who has several tattoos on his body.

A constant source of tabloid fodder, Aniston always saw her dog as a loyal  companion, even through her divorce with Brad Pitt. Sources report that Aniston broke the news to Pitt, who reportedly took it hard, as Brad was close to the little dog.

It isn’t known whether Jennifer will get another dog soon, but if she and Justin get engaged we think you can count on a puppy entering their lives.

Jennifer Aniston’s Normon Dog Tattoo
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10 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston’s New Dog Tattoo

  1. Sheila

    Jennifer is blessed to have Norman as her companion despite what she had been through in her life be it by her married life or her career. I totally feel your loss Jennifer and I do idolized you even more since were both dog lovers. 🙂

  2. Probiotics

    Norman sure is a lucky dog to have Jennifer as his pet owner. Even if he is long gone she still remembers him a lot and even made a tattoo in memory of Norman. That is really sweet.

  3. Guinea Pig

    Jennifer and Norman’s bond is a bond worth remembering for all pet owners. They have this strong bond that despite Norman’ death Jennifer still remembers him through having a tattoo in a certain part of her body. I think that Jennifer did this so that in some way she can still be with her beloved Norman.

  4. Rabbit Hutch

    Norman is really cute and I would feel the same way as Jenn. It’s really hard to lose someone you hold dear to your heart. Especially with the bond that they had.

  5. Chickens

    Having a pet beside you for a long period of time is joyful however losing them also brings you endless pain. I totally understand Jennifer’s pain since I too am a pet owner who have lost a loyal companion.

  6. Andriy

    Jennifer Aniston must have loved her dog really much to have her dog’s name tattooed on her. It really is very sweet of her to do this manner.

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