Mila Kunis & Her Dogs

mila kunis dog

Mila Kunis with weird hair & her French bulldog, Audrey

Mila Kunis and Dog Shorty

Mila & her dog, Shorty

Mila Kunis recently described herself as “not a big attention-seeking person,” wanting “the simple things in life,” often preferring time at home with her two dogs, named Shorty (a corgi, beagle, chihuahua mix) and Audrey (an 8 year old French Bulldog).

Mila recently said, “Shorty’s the best dog in the world but has this thing with lizards now. He thinks they’re fun. He’s like, ‘Here mom, look at this’ and spits half a dead lizard at my feet. It’s gross and he’s all, ‘Yay, look what I did’.

Nice. Hopefully with all the recent attention the “Friends With Benefits” star is getting, she still has time for those nights at home with the dogs!

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  1. Kevin

    Hey Kevin, I really like your articles. Its great to know celebrities are normal people that love dogs too! I was wondering if you do guest posts or take suggestions, I would love to talk to you about helping you with a post.



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  3. Brian Harmon

    Big fan of Mila but knowing shes a dog lover too? Man did she skyrocket in my list of favorite actresses.

    Brian Harmon
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